Many non-specialists believe that digitization and automation are synonymous concepts that are used to carry out the same functions.
But the truth is the opposite.

The concept of digitization:

Digitalization can be defined as the conversion of written and oral communication into e-mails that everyone understands. This transformation is achieved through business networks and wireless networks. Basically, you can say that everything in the old world required a written trade document that was digitized by business networks and everything that was previously managed by a telephone call that was digitally transmitted by wireless networks.

What's the point of digitizing?

The purpose of digitization is to enable automation, increase the quality of data and collect all of that data and its structure so that we can apply advanced technology, such as better and smarter software.

How can brand managers and marketing improve their business using digitization?

Increasing loyalty to the brand by assuring final consumers that products are socially, environmentally and originally friendly by providing evidence to track them to their origin.

Encourage consumers to pursue, re-react and defend your brand and products through canneries, loyalty programs and storytelling campaigns.

Maximizing transfers by providing relevant information at the right moment in the consumer ' s journey

Selling more units by grouping products that consumers tend to buy with discounts in the appropriate season.

The concept of automation. (Automation)

The term automation refers to the spread of modern technology, techniques, machinery and equipment within a work environment, to the extent that it can completely or partially eliminate human role, and that process is currently being carried out in most areas, whether industrial, agricultural, domestic or administrative, etc.

The advantages of automation:

Automation has contributed significantly to increasing productivity, reducing effort and cost in their work; the machine can work hundreds of times faster and faster than humans, as well as lower costs compared to humans.

It has also managed to overcome the fear of performing tasks in dangerous environments, such as those at high temperatures, or those requiring heavy physical effort.

Automation also has the advantage of not being subject to external factors, as it is neither cumbersome nor tired, nor absent from work; it operates on a program written in a particular software language, which the machine translates into work.

What are the areas of automation?

Transport: This includes cars, railways and others. Automobiles, drones, etc...

Manufacturing: including foodstuffs, pharmacies, automobile and other industries. ا

Power: oil, telecommunications, gas, etc.

Security, environmental control and safety

Are you gonna affect the workforce?

This technical progress has greatly affected the labour force. The machinery is operating without human intervention, except for the monitoring and programming of these machines. It is expected that there will be increased reliance on automation in the coming days; this means a high rate of unemployment among workers.